Garage Benefits

Dated: 10/08/2016

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Garage Benefits

In Alaska, we're faced with a lot of environmental elements during the fall and winter months. From freezing temperatures, to snowfalls and some pretty fearless wildlife, we must adapt our lifestyle to co-exist with the things mother nature has given us. Garages are great things to own as they save us time and energy from brushing off snow, and starting the dreaded early morning wake-up to warm up the engine. Can you plug-in your vehicle? Of course. But, did you know that plugging in your car can end up costing you more than owning a garage? To give you an example: Plugging in your car for 4 hours per day will cost $50/month in electric bills and $50-100/month in fuel costs to warm up your car prior to hitting the road. 

Aside from the obvious perks of having a garage, they are also a great place to store all of our “stuff”. From tools to toys, to active gear, sporting equipment, holiday decorations and much more, having this extra storage space will make your house feel less cluttered. To ensure your garage functions well, these organizational tips will have you jumping for joy. Or, if you’d like to go above and beyond, why not transform it into your very own man-cave? Even if you have no use for your garage, they are a great addition to any property from a value standpoint. A garage is a money-making addition. It has a large return on investment as many potential buyers won’t even look at a home without a garage. 

 If you don’t have one already, consider building a basic, functional garage for $10,000 or less. It may not be anything fancy, but it will definitely do the trick if you’re looking to house a car or care about the return on investment. If you’re looking for some fun ways to transform this space, why not have a little more fun with these inspirational ideas

And remember, if you’re in the market for a new home with a dream garage, we can find you the perfect property!

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