How To Handle The Holidays Like A Pro

Dated: 12/21/2016

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How To Handle The Holidays Like A Pro

December. It comes in hot and goes out in a flash. The holiday season is one where most people are filled with ‘holly-jolly’ and a gift-giving spirt. But with all of the holiday cheer, comes the stress that the 22 holiday parties, a 10-hour bake-a-thon, holiday shopping, and out-of-town guests bring to us as well. 

Don’t let your growing ‘To-Do’ list get to you and don’t even try to attempt to aspire to out-do Martha Stewart. It’s time to cheat your way through the holiday season, by creating a respectable home without breaking your holiday spirit.

Take a good, hard look at your list and prioritize the home-related tasks that actually matter. Remember, if you’re entertaining or hosting out-of-town visitors, ditch the deep cleaning duties and stick to surface cleaning areas that guests might actually notice. Save the bleaching of the bath tub or the scrubbing of the tile grout for the new year. 

A great smelling home is the envy of all hostesses everywhere. If that au natural pine Christmas tree isn’t overpowering enough to kill off some bad indoor scents, simple give your house that just-baked scent with this easy vanilla room diffuser or a festive apple cider crockpot recipe.

Give yourself some extra time (you’ve earned some relaxtion too, ya know!) by outsourcing some home projects that might take you longer than a speedy professional. The investment doesn’t have to break the bank, but will also be worth saving your time and sanity. It may take you days to clean the house, but a team of professional cleaners can take care of it in a few hours. Will it take you days to prep for that giant holiday meal? Feel free to cater some of the side dishes to take up less of your time and save on dishwashing too! 

In the end, being together is what really matters around the holidays. The best stories that continue to come up year after year, aren’t the ones involving how perfectly strung your Christmas lights were, they’re the ones that involve Fido peeing all over the Christmas tree or the time you ended up burning the turkey. Approach the event with a peaceful mind and your holiday will be just that.

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