How To Have An Eco Friendly Holiday

Dated: 12/09/2016

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How to have an Eco-Friendly Holiday

We are counting down the days until our dining room table is filled with one of our favorite holiday meals! Not only does it bring warmth, friends and family into our home, but it also keeps us in a food coma for days, which isn’t exactly a bad thing when the cold weather rolls in. It’s a time to share your space with the ones you love the most.

With all of the goodness these holidays bring, sadly there is a negative spin to it too. Did you know that the time period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day brings on 25% more waste throughout the United States alone? We buy 2.5 billion holiday cards and 4 million tons of gift wrap that sure makes our gifts under the tree look pretty, but sadly ends up in the trash, even though it could be recycled? There is no doubt that some of our best natural resources are being wasted during the holiday season. 

We’re not trying to bring you down, trust us - we love a little holiday glitter just as much as the next person, but we do think being aware of sustainable options around the holidays can’t hurt either. So, why not give these alternatives a try?

Get Creative with Gift Wrap.

Use the same paper for all of your gifts. This will eliminate having left over, half-used rolls in the garbage can after Santa has left the building. An even better option, is to get creative with paper options: your old maps, recycled paper, or even your newspaper. These ideas are great eco-friendly options!

Get the Right Tree.

If your family celebrates Christmas with a tree, then be sure to purchase a tree from a local grower, or even one that is re-plantable! You’ll not only be support a local small business, but you’ll also be able to break it down after it dies to use for mulch, firewood, or compost! It’s much better than an artificial tree, that will eventually end up in a landfill.

Waste Not, Want Not.

A big part of the holidays involves eating. Eating at the office Christmas party, at your neighborhood gathering, your children’s school holiday bake sale, and hosting that gigantic Thanksgiving feast. With so much food filling our bellies, it’s best to be conscious of how much could end up in the trash. Be realistic with portions. Try your best not to overdo it if cooking the meal, and if there ends up being a lot left, pack leftover bags for your guests as they head out the door. How could your guests deny a cute little leftover bag like this? Be sure to compost the food that can go in the pile and your garden will thank you for it or donate to a local food bank.

By doing your part this holiday season, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel for giving the best gift you can give to us all - a sustainable planet. Happy Holidays everyone!

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How To Have An Eco Friendly Holiday

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